Financial Times & London Stock Exchange


FTSE is the perhaps the most recognisable acronym is British culture. Originally named after a combination of the Financial Times and The London Stock Exchange, the FTSE is the provider of stock market indices in the UK. Situated in London, the financial capital of the world, the FTSE is renowned as one of the most influential figures in global economics.

The FTSE group is responsible for a number of index’s that list the market value of certain companies, including the FTSE 250 and the FT30, however, their most widely used index is the FTSE 100. This provides a list of the 100 most capitalised companies in the UK. Initiated in 1984, all companies start on a base level of 1000 points, which is liable to quickly rise or fall. The FTSE 100 lists the companies that have accrued the most points and is updated every 15 seconds. Currently, companies that are riding high are mobile phone giants Vodafone, and banking tycoons HSBC

Since its creation, the FTSE 100 index has seen a host of companies grace the list. To emphasise the magnitude of the scale in which the FTSE 100 operates, the current top 33 all have a market capitalisation of over £10 Billion. This is the most widely used system in the UK, and totals a net worth of over £1.1 Trillion.

The sole provider of market indices in UK, the FTSE group is a British institution, and has equivalents in the Dow Jones in the US, and the CAC 40 in France.

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